The Wonders of a Recycled Silk Yarn

Indian Woman Sewing YarnWouldn’t it be nice to have hit two birds with one stone? There is a lovely fiber available in the market which also happens to help people in the planet. Yes, it is possible. The name implies itself. Recycled silk yarn comes from recycled silk. And it is possible to recycle waste silk from industrial weaving mills in India. This is the silk most commonly used to make saris. Saris are the traditional seamless length of fabric worn in a variety of ways. These garments aren’t sewn instead; the art of wearing this piece of cloth has to be mastered.

In Nepal, women have no opportunities because their gender hinders them. Most of them had to beg on the street in order for them to survive. Not to mention, their kids have to stay at home right after school because there was no other option but to have enough food for the family. This is where an industry that sells this recycled silk yarn comes in. They have hand-picked these women from Nepal to work for them at the same time send their kids to school. The opportunity has allowed these women to have food at their table three times a day and at the same time do not worry if they could provide education for their children. In other words, this industry has enabled the community to grow and move to new heights.

Recycled Yarns are generally distinctive. Since these are made individually, there are no two yarns of the same. Even if you buy from different manufacturers, it doesn’t have a guarantee that each yarn has the same colors. The beauty lies in the recycled silk. Everything you make from the yarn produces art as each piece is completely unique.

Darn Good Yarn's YarnPreparation Process

Keep in mind that using a recycled silk yarn comes from a hank rather than a ball. Not the ordinary and typical yarn ball that we commonly see. This implies that in order to start knitting, the yarn should be wound into a ball. It may take time to do this, but the wonders of this yarn allows you to wound it into a ball at a period of time so long as you have the gadget that can make the ball winding easier. So, all it takes is to drape the yarn over the back of a couple of chairs. Thereby, it would be easy to wind it by the hand. Be patient in winding the yarn into a ball. Nobody would want it to be tangled and messy. Remember, sorting it out if it gets tangled takes time.

Uses of Recycled Silk Yarn

Recycled silk yarn has a variety of thickness and the amount of tension in the thread even throughout the same hank. Keep in mind that it gets twisted whenever you do not bother to let it hang and unwind itself occasionally.

Recycled silk yarn can be used in small projects such as bags, sleeveless tops, wraps, and other small items. Even if this piece of cloth costs $10/skin approximately 80 yards and although most people consider this a luxury, more and more people still enjoy using the yarn.


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