Tips for Easy Felting

Yarn Skein

Getting a yarn for your knitting project may be easy as buying a discount yarn at a good yarn shop may it be online or at a local store near your area. However, there are also other knitters who find joy in knitting fibers for their work of art. Felting is the process where fibers are put together to produce a wonderful yarn for your project or your pattern. Although felting is not as difficult as it may seem, here are some tips to make the work a lot easier not to mention effective.

Tip # 1: Big Needles

Keep in mind that even in completing your knitting project, needles play an important role in order to make it pleasing and attractive. There are a lot of needles available in variant sizes at discount knitting supplies. If you wanted to be efficient in your felting work, you need to use big needles. Did you know that most of the felting projects, it is highly recommended to use at least twice larger than the size of the yarn band indicated? Using big needles can create big stitches thus, allowing it to create more friction when knitting. On the other hand, it would be a great help to felt more easily.

Tip # 2: Finish it Firmly

You may be able to find good discount yarns online but it always makes a difference when you also take time in completing a felting project. Ensure that all the ends are woven in firmly before you even begin felting. Also, if you are able to notice if there are some pieces that needs to be stitched together before you start felting, ensure to have all seam sewn securely. Otherwise, you would be left with a mess when your pieces are undone while felting. Therefore, it is always an essential to finish it firmly.

Tip # 3: Beware of the Cords

Felting is different than that of simply buying a wholesale wool yarn at a local yarn shop whenever you want to create a project that requires a larger fiber. Keep in mind that the fibers can easily get twisted and get tangled up. Perhaps, you may want to consider on having a long and skinny strap. Remember, upon felting, you need to constantly check should there be twisted strands. Untwist or untangle them immediately. Twisted strap does not felt evenly.

Tip # 4: Time to Invest

Perhaps, you may want to consider in keeping your fibers in a pillow cover. A zippered pillow cover to be exact allow you to make felting easier and cleaner. When you have a separate box for all your yarns including your cheap cotton yarn, a pillowcase may just be a piece of bag but it should be able to keep all your pieces in a secured place. Also, it will prevent from getting stuck or lost in the machine. This is the most important whenever you want to felt small pieces.

There is always joy in felting and knitting projects. It could not only create a masterpiece, it can also enhance your skills in completing projects such as creating garments and other items.


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