How to Prepare Fibers for Spinning?

Weaving YarnsKnitting, crochet, spinning, threading, and online yarn shops; what word would best associate these things? It’s all about yarns and fibers. Apart from your skills, fibers or your materials play an important role in creating a masterpiece. Not to mention, your passion will be able to give you the drive to complete the project. Some people would consider buying fibers for spinning, however there are also some hobbyists that enjoy checking out any available yarn shop online and buy different types of yarns recommended for their work of art. This way, they will be able to focus on completing the pattern.

Creating the material or the yarn for your project may be simple as you want it to be. Remember, most of the yarns sold in best online yarn stores are spun in Nepal and India. These are the places where the treasures are. These stores that sell yarn hand picked mothers to work for them. Women need to work in order send their children to school. If these mothers have their goals and that is to work for their family, these famous stores not only provide work for them but their main objective of allowing these women prepare these treasures or yarn for your project is their ability and skill to spin the fiber into an authentic yarn. Spinning is fun, however, before you begin, you need to consider on the types of fiber preparations.

Unlike buying a cheap knitting yarn for your masterpiece, it is different when you spin the fibers of your choice yourself. The preparation can be done at home so long as you have a handcarder or a drumcarder which is suitable whenever you have a small amount of fibers. Hence, if you have larger amounts of fibers, sending the fibers to a professional mill for it to be cleansed, carded and at the same time combed.

Basket of Yarns

  • Carded Fibers

These are the fibers that can produce a soft woolen yarn that suits for knitting. Carded fibers that come from the mill are commonly known as batts, slivers else rovings.

batts – These are referred as the large, rectangular, soft forms of wool. Once you put layers of wool through the drumcarder for several times will enable to produce small batts of fiber.

slivers – These are ready to spin strips of fiber. In addition, this can be made either on the handcarder or on the drumcarder.

rovings – These may be similar to slivers with a smaller in size.

  • Combed Fibers

These are the fibers that can produce a strong, worsted, and smooth yarns which is perfect for weaving.

Tops – This is the result of the fiber as it is combed to remove the short fiber in order to keep the long ones.

Spinning can be considered as an art. There may be a variety of ways to spin the fiber, the beauty lies on which method you would use in order to produce the yarn that you would need for your work of art.


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