Easy Guide to Whiten Silk Knitted Items

Knitted Socks

One thing that might have attracted you when you buy the silk yarns from online yarn shops is the full color of these yarns which perfectly match in creating your craft items. Silk is considered to be a luxurious and a very delicate fabric. Therefore, it is an essential to handle this fabric or masterpiece with extra care. But have you noticed that no matter how you keep the color, white silk will discolor over time. Oftentimes, white silk knitted items turn into yellow or brown after an extended use. Unlike other fabrics, silk cannot be bleached. This is what this article is all about, we shall learn how to whiten your silk knitted items and safely restore its color

What Will You Need?

People at stores that sell yarn may be able to suggest on these steps in whitening silk fabrics. Else, any yarn enthusiasts should learn how to whiten the silk knitted items. Before you begin, you must need to prepare on the following items:

  • mild detergent
  • 1 tbsp vinegar
  • 1 tbsp water softener
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 2 denture tablets
  • shampoo
  • sponge
  • towel

As soon as you have all these items, we shall begin on the step by step guide in whitening your favorite silk knitted item.

Steps to Whiten the Silk Knitted Item

Step 1

You may wonder if buying the cheap knitting yarn can be a factor in allowing your silk knitted item to discolor. Keep in mind that it has nothing to do whether you may have bought the yarn from one of the best online stores or at an ordinary shop, silk yarns are prone to discoloration after several extended use. So, now that we are on the first step, we shall focus on how to restore its color and brightness.

First and foremost, you need to wash the silk knitted item with mild detergent and lukewarm water. Perhaps, there may be recent stains on your garment, wash it first before attempting to have this treatment. Once it’s gently washed, rinse it with cool water and allow it to naturally dry itself.

Step 2

Knitted SkirtMeanwhile, combine all the other items listed on the things needed such as vinegar, water softener, salt, and most of all a pint of water on the sink. Perhaps you may want to check on this easy instructions once you visit at a yarn shop online. They offer books with regard to crafts, knitting and crocheting. Wash the dried fabric on this solution and allow it to naturally dry again.

Step 3

At this point, it may or may not yet going to whiten the fabric; thereby, in this step, yarn enthusiasts strongly agrees on. This is the time where you need to drop the two denture tablets and allow it to completely dissolve before you soak the silk knitted item. Again, naturally dry it.

Step 4

Lastly, hand was the item with shampoo and warm water. This should allow the item to bring back to its true color. Keep in mind that unlike your hair, silk is a protein fiber so a regular moisturizing shampoo is preferred. Rinse it thoroughly with cool water and allow it to air dry.

Overall, these steps should be able to keep and restore the color of the silk knitted item. 


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