Simple Knit Care Tips

Knitted clothes made from a variety or yarns including the luxurious reclaimed silk ribbon yarn is getting popular. Knitting can be fun and sometimes addicting. Some hobbyist enjoy the results of knitting. They are able to create all types of works of art. Unlike regular garments made from plain cloths, cleaning and storing it are easier. On the other hand, knitted clothes should be treated with extra care. So, here are some simple tips on how to clean and store these special and luxurious garments and items.

Cleaning Tips

Yarn Store

It is recommended that all knitted clothing made from delicate yarns such as banana silk yarns have to be dry cleaned. If possible, you need to separate the outfits for the colors to match. Do not mix colored clothes from the whites. This is the reason for most white knitted clothes to turn yellow or sometimes brown. It is highly recommended to dry clean the outfit before storing it. Keep in mind that deodorants, perfumes, and skin oils that remain on the material can always attract insects. Therefore, you need to keep it clean as you store it.

 However, if the white clothing appears to be gray, the problem starts to sink in. This is usually caused by the dry cleaning chemicals. Thereby, it is an essential to look for the right and trusted dry cleaner who knows how to wash and handle knitted garments properly. Discoloration can be corrected by washing or rinsing it with cold water right away. Sometimes, colored garments may bleed or if something would spill on the garment will result to a blot. If the blot could not be removed, rinse it again with cold water else bring it to the dry cleaner as soon as possible. Never try to get the stain alone using your cleaners. Knitted outfits made from sari silk ribbon yarn and so with the other types of yarn are delicate to wash. You might not know how the yarn is dyed so, you will never know whether or not it will blot or stain the garment. Unless you create the masterpiece from scratch where you buy a fiber and dye it before spinning in order to have yarns for your project.

Storing Tips

Sweater ClosetRemember silk yarns are delicate so, it is recommended to hang the knitted garments on padded hangers. You don’t want to have hanging strings on the side or at any part of the clothing. Keep in mind that wire hangers can ruin the shape of these types of clothes. Perhaps, you may have silk sari ribbon skirts and pants, you should be hanging them facing front whenever it has a flat front. Meanwhile, you should be hanging it from pleat to pleat when the outfit is pleated. Jackets should be hung with the shoulder pads in place.

Casual clothing can be stored just flat, most of all when it is just stored for a certain season. One more thing, when you want to fold and store it, place two sheets of tissue paper in between the folds in order for the material not to crease.

Just like any other clothing, cleaning and keeping it should be properly done to restore its color and style


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