Different Yarns Created From Recycled Products

Yarn Weavers

Online yarn shops do not just sell novelty yarns but they also sell yarns from recycled products. Did you know that an average American can generate up to 4.5 lbs of trash everyday? This is based from the survey created by the Environmental Protection Agency made on the year 2008. You can imagine how much trash each one can generate these days. Not to mention, only 1.5 lbs of it are recyclable. In the advent of development, as trash keeps increasing, the best option is to recycle.

Leftovers From Manufacturers

Consider visiting one of the best online yarn stores in your local area and you will be able to see why yarn enthusiasts keep on coming back and buying more for their projects. There are several yarns to choose from but the uniqueness of yarns made from these recycled products are simply elegant. Did you know that yarn companies buy waste from clothing manufacturing companies and recycle it into a different kind of yarn? Consider the popularity of sari silk yarn. You may be familiar with the Indian sari, a traditional clothing for Indian women. As elegant as this fabric that you could not throw even a bit of it. This is where sari silk yarn has come alive. Yarn companies, and even the women in Nepal and India re-spun silk remnants which then produces the sari silk yarn. Consider this as a cheap knitting yarn for your project.

Waste from Vegetables

Food processing can also produce waste. This can be another source for creating yarns. Most stores that sell yarn sell a wide variety of yarns available. There are yarns from animals, plants, and there are even yarns made by man, which is also known as synthetic yarns, and most of all there are yarns from waste. Consider looking on soy silk and think how yarn companies come up with this kind of yarn. There is one yarn company that extrudes the liquefied soy protein into fibers, dyes it, and spins it into an extraordinary yarn. There is a yarn shop online that sells banana silk yarn. Ever wonder how they do it? As banana leaves are soaked in water, fibers are easier to extract. These are then hand crushed for softness to prepare them for spinning. Thereby, the birth of a banana silk yarn comes.

DIY Yarns

Perhaps most knitters and crocheters know about this yarn made from plastic grocery bags. These are cut into strips, looped and knotting the strips together can create the length needed for your knitting or crochet project. This kind of yarn is also popularly called “plarn”, short for plastic yarn. You can use this yarn for rugs, bags and other novelty items.

From waste to yarn and beyond

There has been quite a few yarn shops that support not just the environment but also the less fortunate families in Nepal. They provide jobs for women as they spin these recycled silk sari fabrics. It’s more than saving the environment, it’s saving lives. Creating these yarns are innovative way of creating yarns from waste.


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