How to Store Wool Items and Garments?

MothsThese days, yarn shops are starting to have a wide variety of yarns for yarn enthusiasts and hobbyists to choose from. Knitters, for instance, love to use natural fibers for their projects. Consider it pure joy when you are working with yarns with different descent. There are yarns that come from animals, plants and even those made by man. Some would consider yarns, fibers, and fabrics as treasures. And for this, these people have considered to find a favorable place for them to keep. Not to mention the items and garments made from these kinds of material.

You may be wondering how a yarn shop online can be free from its worst enemy, the moths. Since you could not see their shop physically, here are some ways you can keep your wool the same these shops have been doing.

Knowing The Enemy

In order to prevent the moths from getting near the wool, you need to study on these kinds of insects. These are the insects closely related with butterflies. Only difference is, they are fond of causing damage to agricultural products, fabrics such as wool and silk. These moths use the protein content from fibers as their food source. In addition, they are well attracted to dirty and smelly clothing made from wool.

You need to keep in mind that none of these issues concern when storing other clothing and items made from other types of yarn or fiber. Whatever the case may be, it is always best to observe proper ways to prevent these insects from snatching these valuable wool.

Fighting Tips

Patched SweaterAt this point, you are ready to put on the armor to keep your wool safe. Notice at a local yarn store, you may not recognize insect killers such as mothballs. Yarn retailers would always advice their loyal customers not to use this to guard the moths away from your wool. It used to be the most common way to get rid from the moths. Gone are those days where naphthalene is used, paradichlorobenzene may be commonly used these days to prevent moths. Either way, both will always be dangerous, most especially to young kids and pets. They might accidentally eat these sweet tasting moth balls. Instead, what you should be doing is to keep you wool in airtight containers. You may notice that even fancy yarns are stored in storage boxes or in plastic storage bags. If this would be impossible, then using cedar chests should keep moths away from your woolen garments and items. This way, no one will be harm of getting all the risks when chemicals is used. In other words, go natural!

Try on alternative natural remedies such as lavender. Else, when washing your woolen garments, look for a good washing product that contains lavender. This is known to be the best solution to repel moths to wool. You may also use other herbs or a mixture of each one of them. Say you can combine mint, cloves, lemon, thyme, and rosemary. Either herb will get rid of the moths from getting near the wool.


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