How to Store Wool Items and Garments?

MothsThese days, yarn shops are starting to have a wide variety of yarns for yarn enthusiasts and hobbyists to choose from. Knitters, for instance, love to use natural fibers for their projects. Consider it pure joy when you are working with yarns with different descent. There are yarns that come from animals, plants and even those made by man. Some would consider yarns, fibers, and fabrics as treasures. And for this, these people have considered to find a favorable place for them to keep. Not to mention the items and garments made from these kinds of material.

You may be wondering how a yarn shop online can be free from its worst enemy, the moths. Since you could not see their shop physically, here are some ways you can keep your wool the same these shops have been doing.

Knowing The Enemy

In order to prevent the moths from getting near the wool, you need to study on these kinds of insects. These are the insects closely related with butterflies. Only difference is, they are fond of causing damage to agricultural products, fabrics such as wool and silk. These moths use the protein content from fibers as their food source. In addition, they are well attracted to dirty and smelly clothing made from wool. Continue reading


Different Yarns Created From Recycled Products

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Online yarn shops do not just sell novelty yarns but they also sell yarns from recycled products. Did you know that an average American can generate up to 4.5 lbs of trash everyday? This is based from the survey created by the Environmental Protection Agency made on the year 2008. You can imagine how much trash each one can generate these days. Not to mention, only 1.5 lbs of it are recyclable. In the advent of development, as trash keeps increasing, the best option is to recycle.

Leftovers From Manufacturers

Consider visiting one of the best online yarn stores in your local area and you will be able to see why yarn enthusiasts keep on coming back and buying more for their projects. There are several yarns to choose from but the uniqueness of yarns made from these recycled products are simply elegant. Did you know that yarn companies buy waste from clothing manufacturing companies and recycle it into a different kind of yarn? Consider the popularity of sari silk yarn. You may be familiar with the Indian sari, a traditional clothing for Indian women. As elegant as this fabric that you could not throw even a bit of it. This is where sari silk yarn has come alive. Yarn companies, and even the women in Nepal and India re-spun silk remnants which then produces the sari silk yarn. Consider this as a cheap knitting yarn for your project.

Waste from Vegetables Continue reading

Simple Knit Care Tips

Knitted clothes made from a variety or yarns including the luxurious reclaimed silk ribbon yarn is getting popular. Knitting can be fun and sometimes addicting. Some hobbyist enjoy the results of knitting. They are able to create all types of works of art. Unlike regular garments made from plain cloths, cleaning and storing it are easier. On the other hand, knitted clothes should be treated with extra care. So, here are some simple tips on how to clean and store these special and luxurious garments and items.

Cleaning Tips

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It is recommended that all knitted clothing made from delicate yarns such as banana silk yarns have to be dry cleaned. If possible, you need to separate the outfits for the colors to match. Do not mix colored clothes from the whites. This is the reason for most white knitted clothes to turn yellow or sometimes brown. It is highly recommended to dry clean the outfit before storing it. Keep in mind that deodorants, perfumes, and skin oils that remain on the material can always attract insects. Therefore, you need to keep it clean as you store it. Continue reading