Types of Wool for Knitting Projects

The popularity of a reclaimed silk ribbon yarn may have greatly increased. Along with its fame, there are some yarns and fabrics that still continue to be used by hobbyists and yarn enthusiasts. Take for instance, the beauty of wool. What most people know about wool is that it usually comes from sheep. However, little do they know that wool can be made from goats, rabbits, and even llamas. There may be different types of wool but at some point, they share the same characteristic. Wool will always be able to absorb 30% of its weight without even having the feeling of being wet. Other than that, as wool as used to create garments, these will always remain keeping you warm. This is what makes wool distinctive than any other yarns. As you read on you will be able to learn on the different types of wool along with its factors as it is used to complete your knitting project. 

Wool from Sheep


This is the most common type of wool. Unlike the famous sari silk ribbon yarn, this wool yarn can be produced wherever there is sheep available. Some yarn shops ship their yarns, particularly the silk yarns from Nepal and India. They consider it as treasures. On the other hand, you would also be amazed at the beauty behind the Merino wool. This type of wool comes only from the Merino sheep found in Australia and New Zealand. Australia, in particular has produced about 43% of the world’s supply. Overall, wool are soft and easy to dye. Knitters prefer to use this yarn to complete their projects rather than using other kind of yarn such as banana silk yarn. Continue reading