Using a Different Yarn for a Knitting Pattern

Knitting YarnTime will come when you ran out of yarn for your knitting pattern and the only solution is to go for a cheap yarn to complete the project. Perhaps, there is a need to use a substitute yarn rather than the yarn recommended because you may be allergic to it else, it is so expensive and getting the recommended yarn for the pattern is difficult. Did you know that it is possible to use whatever yarn for your masterpiece? Here are some easy steps to determine a new yarn to choose for your knitting pattern.

Step 1:

At this point you may have checked from your box filled with yarns for knitting and are clueless on which yarn to choose to create a work of art. The first thing that you would be doing is to find out the yarn the pattern uses. Take some time to make a little research with regard to the yarn because your knowledge will be very useful in order to determine a good alternative yarn for the pattern. Thereby, you should be able to identify the weight, fiber content, yardage, and the gauge provided by the yarn. Once you have all these information, you will be able to have a clue for your substitute yarn.

Step 2:

You need to find a different kind of yarn that has the same weight and general gauge. Perhaps you may want to consider on the fiber that is used in the yarn. Keep in mind that whether or not it is made from natural fiber, it still has a different behavior than the other. Also, the yardage plays an important role in looking for an alternative since this will be able to determine how much you will need for the pattern. Continue reading


How to Organize Your Yarns?

Assorted YarnsYou may have as many yarns as that of the wholesale yarn suppliers and you couldn’t find a way how to organize them. For an avid knitter, most possibly, there is a large stash of yarn that has been accumulated and it would be impossible to work on another project because your favorite yarn for your project can no longer be found else, it is difficult to sort which should be used. In other words, you need to find ways to organize your yarns.

So, you may have bought discounted yarns from an online knitting shop. At this point, you may have a lot of yarn stash. All it takes is to follow on these easy steps and some bins and containers for your yarns to be organized. Thereby, the next thing that you would be using your perfect yarn for your project, it would be easy to sort it out and use it to create a masterpiece.

Step # 1:

Since your yarns are important to you, whether it may be cheap knitting yarns or the most expensive yarn in the market, you need to take care of it. Remember, these yarns are supposed to be used to create something that would last and valued. The first step is to lay the stash of yarn on a flat surface. Keep them away from your pets or children so as not to make it more disorganized. As you lay your yarn out, you need to start thinking on how much yarn you have in a variety of fibers, color, and weight. This will be able to help you determine on how to sort and organize your yarns.

Step # 2: Continue reading

Knitting Yarns for a Perfect Project


Knitting can be an enjoyable pastime where you would be collecting your materials from yarn stores and create a work of art. It enables you to spend your time wisely and productive. Other than that, knitting allows you to show your passion and creativity as you begin to create unique apparel or any material that you can use or give it to your friends and loved ones. There are several types of yarns available in the market. From synthetic fibers to animal fibers, these yarns can create a masterpiece.

Yarns from Animals

Animal fiber yarns are known to provide good quality texture and insulation. This is the reason most sweaters, coats, ponchos, and other garments are made from yarns from animals. Wool yarns come from different breeds of sheep. This yarn provides a variety of texture, from rough to soft.

In addition, did you know that rabbit fleece can also provide good yarns? Mohair is derived from the Angora rabbit. These yarns are best for outwear and vests. Although it may be itchy as it touches directly to the skin but these yarns can create a great successful project.

Along with the other yarns from animals, these natural fibers are perfect materials for a great work of art. Most people who love to create projects enjoy using different kinds of yarns and love to give it to their friends and loved ones as gifts or through time, consider it as an heirloom. Continue reading

The Wonders of a Recycled Silk Yarn

Indian Woman Sewing YarnWouldn’t it be nice to have hit two birds with one stone? There is a lovely fiber available in the market which also happens to help people in the planet. Yes, it is possible. The name implies itself. Recycled silk yarn comes from recycled silk. And it is possible to recycle waste silk from industrial weaving mills in India. This is the silk most commonly used to make saris. Saris are the traditional seamless length of fabric worn in a variety of ways. These garments aren’t sewn instead; the art of wearing this piece of cloth has to be mastered.

In Nepal, women have no opportunities because their gender hinders them. Most of them had to beg on the street in order for them to survive. Not to mention, their kids have to stay at home right after school because there was no other option but to have enough food for the family. This is where an industry that sells this recycled silk yarn comes in. They have hand-picked these women from Nepal to work for them at the same time send their kids to school. The opportunity has allowed these women to have food at their table three times a day and at the same time do not worry if they could provide education for their children. In other words, this industry has enabled the community to grow and move to new heights. Continue reading